Technical Consulting

ACI is comprised of a team of ADA Consultants with a highly specialized knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other related federal and state legislation. Our primary focus is to assist public agencies that are bound by Title II of the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  Through our stellar and succinct consultation services, your agency will be empowered to comply with the ADA and the five administrative requirements contained within, as further described below.


ACI has the knowledge and experience to assist your agency review its policies, procedures and practices.

By definition, a policy is a course or principle that has been adopted by an agency, While the procedure is the method in which an agency enacts it.  What makes ACI different is, we conduct evaluations one step deeper by evaluating the practice by reviewing how the agency performs identified procedures to understand how they compare to the the procedure. Through reviewing policies and practices that govern the administration of the public entity’s programs, activities, and services, ACI can identify and provide recommendations of inconsistencies that may lead to discrimination. Reviewing services, policies and practices include but is not limited to: informational materials provided to the public, meetings, forums and programs provided by the agency needs to be accessible. Although policies and practices may appear harmless, they may result in denying individuals with disabilities the full participation of its programs, activities or services.

Transition Plan

A Transition Plan is a document that brings an agency from non-accessibility to accessibility by including at least the following elements:

  • Identification of physical obstacles
  • Methods used to make facilities accessible
  • Schedule necessary to achieve compliance
  • Individual responsible for implementation

ACI utilizes a process that allows for agency staff to evaluate public rights-of-ways or facilities/buildings by capturing information through the use of a phone or tablet.  Information is tracked electronically through a comprehensive web-based system. This provides for an easy and quick method to view all physical obstacles at a glance and track any remediation efforts.  All of the information necessary to remedy an identified barrier is now at the user’s fingertips.

Grievance Procedure

ACI has established an automated process that allows us to verify compliance related to access requests, which includes investigation of the site, initiate recommended resolutions and document remediation efforts. We catalog all supporting information, including: photographs, notes, letters, emails, and so much more. This integration ensures your agency is capturing all necessary information when an individual files a request along with documenting every step in the resolution process to document ADA compliance.

Providing Notice

Providing a statement of nondiscrimination is an important piece for each public agency. It communicates a person’s rights and/or protections against discrimination assured them by the ADA.  It is not a one-time requirement, but intended to be completed on an on-going basis.  ACI provides a method to track the notice, its frequency in which it is posted, information identified, dates and more.

We provide the tools necessary to ensure State and Local Governments are fulfilling the requirements surrounding the ADA.